Justin Trudeau is Good for the Tech Industry


Before Trudeau was elected, science and technology in Canada were not in a good place. The previous government seemed intent on stifling innovation, gagging scientists and causing the country to fall behind as a pioneer in science and technology. As soon as Justin Trudeau arrived, all that began to change.

In a recent interview at MIT, Trudeau said ‘the best way to deal with the accelerating pace of profound changes in the world is to step up and help to influence how those changes unfold.’

This is a long way from the attitude of his predecessors and great news for the country.

In another interview he gave, Trudeau characterised the choice to embrace technology as a decision about whether or not to ‘protect a status quo’ with which many are comfortable, or strive for something better and wholly inclusive. He said, ‘Canada has made its choice to dive into the future with confidence and optimism.’

He began by reinstating the original census and removing the gagging order preventing scientists from talking to the media. He never managed to repeal C-51 or stop law enforcement agencies from getting more power to spy on us but on the economic side, things are looking good.

There is a lot of work still to do and a lot of changes to make before the damage of previous government is undone. With the TPP now in force, it is too late to make changes there for now but domestically he still has the power and the influence to take this country forward.

Trudeau’s $800 million innovation budget is also set to make waves. Part of his plan to shift Canada’s economy towards tech and innovation, this investment will go towards research and development projects designed to push technology in Canada forward. Along with the changes to the visa program for skilled tech workers and his ability to listen to the industry and respond, I think we are in good hands right now.