New Rules for Sponsored Bloggers

Social media influencers in Canada will soon need to disclose whenever they are paid to promote products on their social media feed. A new set of rules are going to be published by the Advertising Standards Canada. All we know for now is that the rules will be like the ones enforced in the United States by the Federal Trade Commission.

Mary Engle, the associate director at the Federal Trade Commission was asked whether there is going to be a new set of rules regarding this matter in the US. She explained that the FTC are not going to publish any new rules regarding social media promotions and that this was a misinterpretation of a Bloomberg article. She mentioned that the guides were updated in 2009 and were enforced since then.  She also mentioned that the FTC doesn’t monitor all social media accounts however they are more reactive when a problem is initiated by a social media paid promotion. The FTC is also interested in enforcing these regulations with companies rather than social media influencers. This means that if a sponsored blogger promotes a product of a company without disclosing that it was a paid promotion, the FTC will investigate the company selling that product.