Health Monitor for Horses

The tech world is trying hard these days to find new gadgets for an ever-growing demand. One of these gadgets is a health monitor for horses called Nightwatch which is produced by Protequus. It allows you to monitor your horses’ health such as heart rate, respiratory rate, motion and posture. We’ve seen other start-ups in Canada such as Seehorse trying to do the same and failed.

Nightwatch is like an Apple watch for your horse. The idea is really cool if you own horses. The device comes embedded in a halter for your horse. Whenever your horse is in distress it will send you an alert via email, sms or phone call. It also records your horse’s location through GPS so if you let your horse graze in open fields you can rest assured that it won’t get lost.

You can choose to get the 1 year contract option by paying a one-time set-up fee of $799.99 and $359.99 per year or else if you hate contracts you can go for the second option i.e. you pay a one- time fee of $949.99 and a monthly fee of $39.99. You might see it expensive however considering that it can save your horse’s life, it is more like an investment rather than an extra expense.