Top Celebrities Who Have Insured their Body Parts

When you have a lot of money in your bank account you need to find a way how to use it, right? Well, these celebrities have loads to spare so they have insured their body parts such as legs, breasts and tongue!

Miley Cyrus insured her tongue for $1 million! 

Yeah, you read that right. She decided to insure her tongue when it became an iconic feature after her 2013 VMAs performance. She often mentions that she sticks her tongue out in almost all paparazzi photos to fight her insecurities. It’s like hey focus on my tongue not the rest of my body! This made her look like the rebellious, punk rocker.

Madonna insured her breasts for $2 million.

You’d think that only Playboy bunnies would take an insurance policy on their breasts. However, Madonna decided to insure her breasts for $2 million as she believed that that they became so famous in her career that she would suffer big time if something had to happen to them.

Heidi Klum insured her legs for $2 million. 

The supermodel Heidi Klum once revealed that her legs are insured for $2 million. Strangely enough, she didn’t insure them herself however one of her clients did. She also says that her right leg is worth much more than her left one as the latter has scars from when she once fell on glass.

Daniel Craig Insured his whole body for $9.5 million.

When you’re James Bond you need to make sure that you won’t get hurt, and if unluckily you do, at least you’re covered. That’s why Daniel Craig insured his whole body, not just body parts. Considering that Daniel Craig likes to do most of his own stunts in his own movies, having a good insurance policy make a lot of sense.

Kim Kardashian Bum – Insured for $21 million. 

We all know how proud the Kardashian is with her own bum. This is why she decided to insure it for the huge sum of $21 million. We don’t know how she arrived to that figure. The high sum shows her immense concern for her behind. If that’s not crazy enough, she spends around $5000 a day on a tailor to make sure that her clothes fit right around her bum.

Taylor Swift Insured her Legs for $40 million.

You’d expect that this famous singer would insure her voice, however Taylor Swift once mentioned that she insured her leg in case of any leg injuries that will prevent her from continuing a tour or from dancing on stage. The $40 million was mentioned by Taylor Swift in an Instagram post after her cat scratched her left leg: “Great work Meredith, I was trying to love you and now you owe me 40 million dollars.” This post was deleted by her shortly after she wrote it.