Do Single Serving Cocktails have a Future?

Ever heard of Bartesian? It’s started a Kickstarter campaign to develop and produce a cocktail machine that looks and works a lot like a coffee machine. Add a cocktail pod, select a strength and the machine does the rest.

Bartesian has raised $115,846 so far which exceeds its $100,000 target.

Cocktail dispensing

The Bartesian is an alcoholic version of the Keurig. A single serving machine with a range of flavoured pods that allow you to create quick and easy cocktails. Where most coffee pods are disposable, Bartesian’s are recyclable which is one of the main arguments against single serving items.

The company assures backers that all the cocktail ingredients are ‘real’ and not synthesized to add to the authenticity and flavour. The machine has dispensers for the usual base spirits, vodka, rum, gin and tequila and will mix the required spirit along with the pod to a strength of your choosing.

Cocktails on offer include Margarita, Sex on the Beach, Cosmopolitan, Bartesian Breeze, Uptown Rocks or Zest Martini. Others will be forthcoming after launch.

Does a cocktail dispenser have a future?

I think it does. I don’t know about you but I find mixing cocktails a chore. I don’t always have all the ingredients or get the levels right. This can result in something surprisingly good or bad depending on the day. The idea of putting a pod into a machine, feeding it spirits and ending up with a drinkable cocktail appeals to me and to others by the look of their Kickstarter page.

Being able to recycle the pods afterwards is just icing on the cake. The main argument against single serving anything is the potential waste. Coffee pods have come under a lot of criticism for the fact that they cannot all be recycled. Having the Bartesian pods recyclable by default is just another reason to try one!