This Article Won’t Blow your Mind

During these last couple of years, a lot of so-called viral sites are popping from everywhere and instead of posting informative articles they post garbage in order to get our attention. These articles are usually in the form of lists or why you should do this and not do that. One of these articles that I stumbled upon was “8 beers you should stop drinking” on a site called The article was not based on any research studies, it was just pure non sense. From now on I’m going to call this AlphaBunk or better AlphaJunk!

You might be wondering why sites like these exist. The simple answer is money. These sites are after website traffic, the more people visit their site the more money they make from ads. If you’re an author like me and make an extra effort to proof every argument before writing about it, these sites might offend you. Unfortunately, this is the new reality that we are living in. People seem to be more interested in wasting their time reading these type of articles (clickbait), rather than learning something new from articles that are based on facts.